Thursday, April 16, 2009

We're going to have a problem....

Once again, I won't comment on how long it's been... but I had to write about this little comment from Elisa tonight....

Here's how the conversation went.. Elisa was pretending to give out Pez candies to kids in her class. She had 8 candies, so she started picking out the names of the lucky ones..

Elisa : " Melissa, Mae, Alexis, Me, Evan, Aaron, Sophia.. and....."

Me: " What about Stephen?"

Elisa: " I think Alex E. will get the last one..."

Me: " Why? Are you still friends with Stephen? He's such a nice boy!"

Elisa: " Yes, I'm still friends with him.. he's so nice!! (LONG PAUSE) He's just not my type."


Oh my God, we are so in for it with this little one!!!!