Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Why is my sister such a freak?

My sister Jenna is a freak.. but she's a freak in a good, cool way. She is the MASTER of prank calls and practical jokes. She could make prank calls as a teenager so well; never laughing, never breaking character- no matter how weird the character may be. She fools my sister Lisa and me quite embarrassingly often. We get mad that she can pull one over on us WAY too often. We should know her by now, don't you think?

A good example- My sister Lisa is very sensitive when it comes to stomach viruses and vomiting. I was never able to understand her fear of that kind of ailment until recently- but she is very scared of her kids getting a "throw-up" kind of virus. Jenna knows this, yet has convinced Lisa on numerous occasions that she has exposed Lisa's kids to a stomach flu, or that one of Jenna's own children has vomited on the way to a family event. Lisa freaks, Jenna plays it like it's actually happened, and then admits she's just kidding... fun times.

She got me the other day, and I am still laughing about it 3 days later... Here's how it went. My sister asked me if Fred and I would be Godparents to her adorable little girl, Livia. Of course we were excited and happy about it, but sad that we live in Florida and they live in California. We needed to send a sponsorship form from our church in order to be Godparents..(The Catholic Church is strict like that...) Anyway, I asked for the form and told Jenna that is was being taken care of.

SO, on Monday, my sister called me. When I picked up the phone and said hello, she said "Thanks so much for my Birthday present!" I had sent her a Life is Good baseball hat, some Vera Bradley stationery, and Cadbury mini eggs. We talked about the gifts for quite a while, then chatted about diets, and kids and what we were doing for the day. Our conversation lasted maybe 45 minutes... we ended the conversation as usual, with "I love you"'s and "I'll talk to you soon!" and said our goodbye's... for all I knew, that was it.

No. Jenna had a plan. A more evil plan that would make me freak out initially, but have me laughing still 3 days later. Pure genius.

The phone rang about 5 minutes after we hung up... I saw that it was her again so I picked up, thinking she forgot to tell me something, and I said " What's up?" and she says.... "Thanks so much for my Birthday present!!!" She said it so enthusiastically yet calmly, that it FREAKED ME OUT. I seriously think it was 5 second at the most, but in that small amount of time, I thought, " Oh my God, my little sister has a brain tumor, what is wrong with her...????" I was shaking. So I said "What? We just talked about this!!!" and that little brat started laughing.. then she told me how hard it was for her to say that without laughing... I told her how hard it was to think that my sister may have some kind of brain tumor. I WAS SHAKING, for crying out loud!!!

Anyways, she got me good yet again. I wish I had the skills she had to do that to someone. I tried it on her today. When I faxed the form she needed today, I was on the phone with her...I faxed it, talked to her right before I sent it, let her know it went through.. Then I got the brilliant idea to call her back and pretend the whole situation never happened. I called her and said " SO, did you get the form I sent?" and all she said was " Nice try..." She's brilliant. I'm jealous. She has a gift.


Jen said...

My brother is exactly the same way. He can pull off a prank like no one's business. He never smiles, laughs, nothing. I've always been so jealous of this ability.

ALF said...

That is so cool. What fun it must be to have a good freak sister!