Thursday, July 17, 2008

Public Service Announcement

I was at a really gross Walmart today. Some are bad, but this one is exceptionally gross. I know, by reading local police blogs, that there is a 'mysterious woman' who comes into the store and apparently urinates in the aisles. I have no idea which aisle she pees in, but I have read that it happens "repeatedly".....Really, REALLY gross. But I have to go there because Jack takes guitar lessons near this particular store. So, I am shopping there in the grocery section, and a woman spills an entire box of blueberries all over the wet and disgusting mat that is in front of the refrigerated produce. I watched in complete horror as she PICKED THEM UP, PUT THEM BACK IN THE BOX AND PLACED THEM BACK ON THE SHELF. Yes, you read that right. So please, wash your "fresh" produce when you get it home. You never know who may have peed on it.


Lisa Haass said...

I do have trouble with the produce at Walmart......but I always feel that with a good wash it will be OK.

You just changed my mind.

Jen said...

I think we've finally found the source of that salmonella outbreak...

That was just gross. I mean really, honestly, truly gross. I will never be able to walk into a Wal Mart and not think about the Phantom Urinator.