Saturday, September 20, 2008

I don't scare easily, but....

I was innocently making dinner the other night, and the TV was on in the backround. I heard an ad for Universal's Halloween Horror Nights and started to watch it. OH MY GOD. Had I known that this 30 second clip would scare the CRAP out of me, I would have turned the station. I didn't know that by watching this commercial, I would be sentenced to sleepless nights because I am too scared to go into the bathroom at night to pee! Seriously. My bathroom is covered with mirrors, and I am scared to death.

I never knew of the urban legend about Bloody Mary until last year when a little girl in carpool told us about it.. apparently, if you say the words "Bloody Mary" three times into a mirror (in the dark)she will appear. So, this year, Bloody Mary is a theme at Universal. I know two things for sure, I will not be going to Universal's Halloween Horror nights, and even though I am 38 years old, I will NEVER NEVER say the words "Bloody Mary" into a mirror in the dark. Ever.

YouTube - Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights 18 2008 Commercial Bloody Mary (HQ)


Jen said...

Oh my gawd Krissa! I can't believe you've never heard of this! We used to do this at sleepovers all the time when I was younger. I tease Shannon with it sometimes...I'll look into a mirror and go "Bloody Mary...Bloody Marry..." and she'll tell me to stop.

I'm such a good mother, aren't I?

Anonymous said...

OMG Krissa I'm shocked. The Bloody Mary story was the highlight of all my pre-teen sleepovers! It was so fun be scared to death.

Do you remember the one about the "girl with the golden arm"? SCARY!

Krissa said...

No, I was sheltered I guess, and NEVER heard of it until last year.. I swear if you said it twice into a mirror and I was next to you, I would be FREAKING OUT!!!

I know, I can't believe I never did the Bloody Mary thing either, but I think I know the golden arm it when she dies, someone steals the arm and her ghost comes looking for it? That scares me, but the mirror thing just sends me through the roof. AND my boys are planning to do it tonight! I might drop dead from fear (and that is listed as a warning if you read the 'official' directions on how to summon Bloody Mary!)

Lisa Haass said...

Shit. That scared me to death and now I hate you. You know me and things like this! Why the hell did I watch it! Shit!

I guess we were both sheltered - I've never heard of this either and man I wish it had stayed that way!

ALF said...

Ha ha - I can't believe you never tried that as a kid. I remember doing it as a kid but now as an adult I would probably be too scared.