Thursday, September 11, 2008


That is what I said when our piano teacher suggested the newest piece for the boys to play. I ADORE Linda. She has become a member of my family. I can talk to her about anything- she has seen us at our best, our worst, our most chaotic times. She loves our family and is such a great role model for the kids. But, when she suggested the piece for our next recital, I thought, "Wait.. doesn't she know us? This will NEVER work!" But I trust her, and hope all will be fine. I hope I never have to say "I told you so" to her. I'd hate to have to do it, but I feel it might happen.

She suggested a 'duet' for the boys to play. "Rock Around the Clock" as a DUET for Jack and Will to work on and perfect for the next recital, which will be much bigger than this past weekend. Can you even see it? Can you even picture this going off without a hitch? I can't. Not in my wildest dreams.

Here are two boys who can't brush their teeth at the same sink without a brawl. They can't even enter a car without a sarcastic remark, a sneer, or a snicker. How in the heck are they going to PRACTICE, let alone perfect a piece together and make it acceptable for an audience to hear?

I am not sure what to do. I want to remain positive that it will all work out and we can make Linda proud. But at the same time, I'm a teeny bit afraid. I think I need to use my favorite Noble Pig saying... " Hold me".


Jen said...

Wow...I would pay to see Jack and Will perform this duet! Have you ever seen that video at You Tube about the brothers trying to take a picture together for their mother for Mother's Day? If not, you have to see it. You, of all people, will love it. I'm going to look for it and email it to you...

Lisa Haass said...

Yeah, I feel trouble-a-brewing with that idea. Who knows? Maybe it will work out great, but if it doesn't, buy a lot of band-aids and get ready for that wrinkly face Will gets when he cries! :)

ALF said...

Ohh - that sounds very tricky. What do the boys thing of the idea?

Anonymous said...

I'll hold you! Ha! And that video Jen sent is hilarious!

If my boys could play the piano I'm not sure they would be able to pull it off either!

I hope you video tape it for all of us to see!