Saturday, September 6, 2008

Saturday with the Kids

Today was an extremely busy day for our family. Will had a sleepover at his friend's house, and Jack had friend sleep over at our house, so we were all up late and up early this morning.... Jack and Will had their piano recital at 11:30 this morning, and they did great! Jack played the theme from Star Wars and Will played the Entertainer. I get so freakishly nervous when they go up to play, it's absurd. But they did great, and then we went out to kill some time before a birthday party in the afternoon.

We had to go to Circuit City to buy a new DVD-R player because, I am so excited I can hardly type this, I got some DVDs that I cannot wait to sit down to watch. There was a kid's show in the 70's called Barbapapa, which was about a family of blobs who could "change their shape and sizes, very easily" ( this was in the theme song..) I adored this show, but had forgotten about it. Then last week, we were driving by our old house, and I commented on how the new owner had not been taking care of the topiary I planted, cared for and nurtured. I looked at it and said to Fred, "My God, it looks like a Barbapapa!" and from that moment on, I had to find this show on DVD. Well, I did, and they arrived yesterday. I am so excited. Does anyone remember it but Fred and me? When I asked my neighbor tonight if she knew what it was , she looked at me like I had 3 heads...

We then went out to lunch, which is always exciting with the 4 kids. Bella tries to get out of her seat, one of the kids always spills something, Elisa has to go to the bathroom just as the food arrives. These things happen every time without fail. We went to my favorite Amish restaurant, which is a buffet, so everyone's happy. Elisa ate her noodle and said she was full and wanted dessert. So, I sent her with Fred to get some Munchkins, which is what she decided she wanted. When she got back to the table, Fred said she had asked him for 'midgets' and he didn't know what she was talking about at first, but then he saw the Munchkins, so we were laughing at that. I briefly thought I should explain to her that maybe they like to be called "little donuts" or "hole-challenged donuts", but I held back.

We just went on eating, and Will and Jack were eating everything from the buffet, and then they had ice cream. We were just sitting there, and I notice Will with a weird look on his face, and he was shifting in his seat, arching his back, looking uncomfortable. I gave him a look like "What's wrong with you?" and he said, this is a quote, "I think there's fiber in the water." Jack looked at him and said, "What's fiber? " and Will said, "It's that stuff in apples that makes you go to the bathroom"... I just looked at him and said, "Go to the bathroom, Will" and off he went. Sure, it was fiber in the water- nothing to do with the 3 pounds of food he just put away!!
I swear I get up in the morning and wonder what one of them will say to completely crack me up. They always do!!

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Jen said...

I had to look that show up on You Tube because I'd never heard of it before! You should go there and check it out...there are a billion clips of it!

"I think there's fiber in the water." Will is the greatest kid ever. I can see how he makes you laugh every single day!