Monday, August 18, 2008

Hurricane Fun with Fay

Well, we're ready.... at least, we're as ready as we'll ever be. We've been through this before, with the all-day weather updates, the school cancellations, the frenzy for gas, water, and plywood. I am kind of over it, although I fear that someday those words will come back and bite me in the ass.
We didn't even know about this impending hurricane until a guy at Target asked us about it. There we were, buying back to school supplies, when I should have been stocking up on canned food, batteries, flash lights and crank radios. In all my ignorance, I was missing out on lining up for gas, plywood, and bottled water. I should have been home getting my insurance papers in order, my prescriptions filled, and my windows taped up, but instead I was trying to decide which protractor and compass would be appropriate for Jack's math class. Maybe I should have watched the news instead of Sesame Street that morning.
We did end up going to BJ's where Fred bought the 1000 pack of granola bars and soup, and we got water, flashlights and batteries. After subsequent trips to the grocery store, I think we now have enough food and water to last us a few weeks. I hope this is all unnecessary- The first year we were here, we had Hurricane Charley, and I was petrified. I don't remember the string of events that led up to this, but at some point the kids and I were in the laundry room with a mattress over us because there was a tornado watch in the area. That scared me to death. Fred was very nonchalant that time, laughing at me as I begged him to join us under the mattress.
Well, it seems, the tables have turned. I am being the nonchalant one, while Fred is in full-on hurricane mode. He was the one who told me stock up on food- so I did, knowing very well that in the event of a huge storm, Elisa and Bella could survive for a week on a single Cheerio. They eat NOTHING, so they are not a worry to me. Yet, I bought Pediasure and baby food to last a month. Every single piece of outside furniture has been brought in. Every flashlight has new batteries, we have a small TV all charged up and ready to go. Fred asked what we should do with our 2 garden hoses, and I said, " Oh, we should secure them- we don't want them flying up and strangling us in a gust of wind....." Maybe my being a smart-ass will come back to haunt me, I really, really hope not. And I hope the fact that I suggested to a friend that maybe Home Depot and the local weather man have a sweet deal all worked out doesn't jinx me. All we can do is wait and see.... oh and maybe go out and buy a generator!!!

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Jen said...

What a nightmare! I would hate, and I mean hate, having to deal with that. I'd be spaz every time thinking something would happen. I hope you guys are all okay and with all the supplies you got you did get some wine to have while you wait it out!