Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I no longer look like a Webkin!

I know you've lost sleep wondering how I was going to remedy my hair coloring fiasco. I know I did. SO, I wanted you to know I did achieve some, albeit small, level of success. I NEEDED to do something. Whenever I would be talking to the kids I could see that they were staring at my hair, thinking about how ridiculous I looked while ordering them to brush their teeth or take the dog out. I could tell that with my hair such a riduculous hue, I was losing authority. I was not to be taken seriously by them, I was a clown, a freak, a "webkin".

So, I went to Target to get a new haircoloring kit. A blonde one this time, and I came home feeling that it would only be a few short minutes until I was back to normal and in complete control. Well, this kit did nothing. No color change at all. That, in my 18 plus years of do-it-yourself haircoloring has never happened. It was a frightening first. I thought I'd be stuck with gray. But alas, no- I had a highlighting kit as a back-up- I used that AND IT WORKED!! PHEW! I am not saying that my hair looks great now, and by no means is it in a healthy condition, but I look human again. No need for a wig this time, but I came dangerously close. I just wanted to put you out of your misery wondering how I was coping. Thanks for your kind thoughts!!!


Jen said...

A Webkins...that is too funny. Did Fred see it before you fixed it? If so...what did he say?

Lisa Haass said...

I love it! Although your hair looked great....not webkin-like at all.

Remember my hair disaster that made me look like Joe Pesci? That was a bad one....

No more home jobs for me.


Anonymous said...

A webkin...? One of the soft ones or the fuzzy ones? I'm thinking fuzzy...glad it's over!

Krissa said...


When my daughter told me I looked like her panda Webkin, I took a closer look at it. Very fuzzy. Black and white. And she was comparing MY hair to that!!! The color of my hair is now better, but I must admit, in texture, my hair is still a tad Webkin-like.